Friday, October 21, 2005

Welcome to our brand new blog!
We're a small class in a secondary school in Paris called Honoré de Balzac. We are in what we call an International Section as we are all from an English speaking environment, either one or both our parents being native speakers. The trouble is, living in France makes it difficult for us to keep up to date with new expressions. We sometimes lack idioms, and our turn of phrase might sound very French.
Please make as many remarks as you feel fit to on our written work here. Teach us some new expressions, and correct our English. Thanks a million!

What's the story?

We are the class 4b. We are the most serious class in the whole school. It is safe to say that at least three people will pass into 3e ... eventually. As any class, ours can be separated into multiple groups:

  1. the Nerds: generally recognised by their report card
  2. football freaks: play football (soccer) all the time
  3. burnouts: stupid and really cute, recognised by the number of remarks in their notebooks
  4. fake gothics: easily recognised by the way they dress and the way they "think."

Tha Intro

Hi, we are a class in Paris and we are trying to start a neat blog so tell us what you think about it!!!!!!!!!

we are going to talk about a kido named Emanuel

Emanuel is 13, he is nicknamed "Titou" or "Manuel di Pedro di Abdoul" and he is not the best in class(...).
The poor guy likes rock music (what do you think aboput that?)... but at least he is the leader of the band in his group ! Oh just for more info , he could get married with some "cuisse de porc caramelisé" ( some weird chinese food ) :) !

fogy89 n lil'chain

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Martin Poth

Martin "fogy89" is a really cute boy in our class, he is blond with blue eyes and kind short.
He is actually pretty popular and really funny.
It's quite hard to criticize him because he is so narcissistic. He says he is a bouddhist and he is !
He's big friends are Samuel and Emmanuel, they are the MESS club since 6eme ( 6th grade ).
He is american from the east coast (New York city, marvellous) and has got 2 big brothers.

The actual 2nd B used to call him "Martine la coquine" but we all know Martin is cool and nice, and that's why we all like him.
He puts parfum sometimes ( calvin klein !!! ) and is a great philosopher.
Anyway a lot of girls fancied him.

Oscar Lawrenson

He is a young boy of 13 years old, even though he looks 15.
He is scorpio (born on the 11 of november).
He has got really cool hair, it looks like a broom stick that has been stuck on his head.
His eyes are green, brown and yellow at the same time. I'm sure his scared of his own reflection in the mirror every morning ; but he's still a very handsome boy.
The way he acts with girls is quite weird from time to time, but we all know that he is a bit crazy and that's what we like about him.
In class he sleeps, eats glue and drinks ink. Nevertheless God made him intelligent.
Once, while vaguely listening to the teacher, he even plugged an ink cartrige into his teeth.
He really knows how to imitate people, especially Americans, Bush, Smeagul and pimps. He truly makes us laugh to death (and makes us go to the toilets often).
He's always dreaming, and saying the word: "Rabdoul"
If we had to describe him in one word, we would say he is eerie.

Jungle V.I.P and Hatsukô


Monica, the little "brunette", wears bright colored clothes. She has a nice plump face and a few of freckles. She has large brown eyes and is often sings a tune from the "White Stripes." She is a good student but on Friday 14th october she didn't do her english homework - don't tell her teacher. She likes to hang out with her friends and on the morning of the Sunday 16th October she discovered she had been sleeping on a pizza. She likes soft rock music (or not?) and tae-kwon-do and her blood group is A+. She hates horror movies and gets really scared (especially of "Snow White"). She lives with her mother and sister in Ternes, Paris. She loves wearing colored scarfs and indian food and wants to be a doctor. Her friends call her "Momo" and think she's really kind. She likes cucumber and hates her nose. She sometimes has muddy shoes and hates reading (maybe she just doesn't know how to!).


This other kiddo is 13 and named Samuel (like the title says)
we can confuse him with Emanuel , and his nickname is "stinks" (instead of stanks).
He has a preference for Hip Hop music ( he is one of US)!!
Oh he is a pickpocket magnet and figths a lot because of that!!!
But all this stuff will make you think he is crazy ..... (but he is)
signed the two best rigthers
fogy89 n lil'chain

Imagine a football placed on a human body with black hair (2 mm. long), wide eyes, and long eyelashes. Everything in him is small (tiny arms, tiny hands, tiny toes, tiny knees, tiny mouth). He is American but he has a "Froggy" accent. He says "theeee" and not "the". Here you have a perfect description of "thee" little, "thee" unforgetable, "thee" football obessesed, "thee" NICOLAS DUCHÊNE !!!!!!!!!!
HIP HIP HIP HURRAY for are tiny star (exept for his ears that are floppy and dumbo like)!!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Mr. Griffin (or Mr. G) is our "professeur principal" and teaches us English. With him, we're creating this blog and we're supposed to write a description of him...very tough. So here we go:
He has a very brittish accent and I think (I hope) we are allowed to say he's a little bald and has bushy eyebrows because he says so himself. He's a good teacher and can be a good laugh (at times...). Here are some of his favourite sentences: "well duh!", "have a break, have a kit-kat", "I'm very cross!"
He likes french wine and cheese, football and tennis and hanging out with his friends...
He doesn't like animals nor children (one of the main reasons he became a teacher...).


We are going to speak about Mrs.Holland. Mrs.Holland's real name is Jacky Holland, and she is a history/geography teacher in our school.
She usually wears green skirts and black t-shirts, with weird tights with cool shoes.
I think she has about a thousand different types of shoes.
As a teacher she is really cool, we watch a lot of movies and she sometimes brings some small cakes if we had good marks.
A lot of people say she's an alien and it's kind of true.
We love her so so so so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa and Hatsukô

Mr LARROCHE is a tall man with mysterious eyes behind his glasses. His passion are maths and he shares it allright. He never answeres by yes or no, but by a maths formula. Mr LARROCHE knows every region in France and does not tremble to tell us. Geometry and algebra have no secret for him by our great disapointment. Mr LARROCHE can do magic by creating calculators and making them appear on his desk. He's our favourite teacher (he's going to read the blog). Thanks to his online website we know when our suprise tests are coming ^^. If you need to build an IKEA furniture he's the man to ask. He would do it at the perfection that will make it look like it is in the shop.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Nicolas( by Adrien)

He is a small young twelve years old boy. He has short black hair. He likes soccer and computer games(sport games). He often uses my tipp-ex for nothing.I think he's dumm but he thinks I am dumm too.


Alice is a tall and very thin girl. She was born on the 4th of january and for her birthday, you should offer her some yogurts Pearl de Lait nature. Her shoe size is 37. She has big brown eyes and a nice nose. She lives in Paris in a pink house. She hates chocolate, maths and brussel sprouts but she loves sausages and her favourite vegetables are potatoes and peas. Her fridge is silver. The most important thing for Alice is a little grumpy poney called First. She loves driving her green scooter after school.
Alice is going bananas but it dosn't mater, we all love her!!! .....