Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Martin Poth

Martin "fogy89" is a really cute boy in our class, he is blond with blue eyes and kind short.
He is actually pretty popular and really funny.
It's quite hard to criticize him because he is so narcissistic. He says he is a bouddhist and he is !
He's big friends are Samuel and Emmanuel, they are the MESS club since 6eme ( 6th grade ).
He is american from the east coast (New York city, marvellous) and has got 2 big brothers.

The actual 2nd B used to call him "Martine la coquine" but we all know Martin is cool and nice, and that's why we all like him.
He puts parfum sometimes ( calvin klein !!! ) and is a great philosopher.
Anyway a lot of girls fancied him.