Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Monica, the little "brunette", wears bright colored clothes. She has a nice plump face and a few of freckles. She has large brown eyes and is often sings a tune from the "White Stripes." She is a good student but on Friday 14th october she didn't do her english homework - don't tell her teacher. She likes to hang out with her friends and on the morning of the Sunday 16th October she discovered she had been sleeping on a pizza. She likes soft rock music (or not?) and tae-kwon-do and her blood group is A+. She hates horror movies and gets really scared (especially of "Snow White"). She lives with her mother and sister in Ternes, Paris. She loves wearing colored scarfs and indian food and wants to be a doctor. Her friends call her "Momo" and think she's really kind. She likes cucumber and hates her nose. She sometimes has muddy shoes and hates reading (maybe she just doesn't know how to!).