Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Oscar Lawrenson

He is a young boy of 13 years old, even though he looks 15.
He is scorpio (born on the 11 of november).
He has got really cool hair, it looks like a broom stick that has been stuck on his head.
His eyes are green, brown and yellow at the same time. I'm sure his scared of his own reflection in the mirror every morning ; but he's still a very handsome boy.
The way he acts with girls is quite weird from time to time, but we all know that he is a bit crazy and that's what we like about him.
In class he sleeps, eats glue and drinks ink. Nevertheless God made him intelligent.
Once, while vaguely listening to the teacher, he even plugged an ink cartrige into his teeth.
He really knows how to imitate people, especially Americans, Bush, Smeagul and pimps. He truly makes us laugh to death (and makes us go to the toilets often).
He's always dreaming, and saying the word: "Rabdoul"
If we had to describe him in one word, we would say he is eerie.

Jungle V.I.P and Hatsukô