Sunday, November 13, 2005

Lisa Abbassi

Lisa is a really cool scorpio girl. She's 13 years old since the 4th of November.
She has got goergous long bouncy fair hair and big brown eyes. She is not tall though she is not short, she's really pretty. She has got good marks at school and is sportive. She likes girly stuff and loves her big' sister. Manon ( who I think is her best friend), she and I form a awful singers trio. Lisa is sorta' sadistic but then so am I!


Friday, November 11, 2005

this is a text on Alicia, my "chérie d'amour":

So she is a GIRLLLL. She has two parents and two sisters which are called Rosalind and Laura. Ok, so what more can i say, well she is extremly tall which actually intimidates me sometimes, she has got really long hair( well not that long because she cut them recently). She dresses well and has got coooooool and fuuunnnky doc martins. All I can say is that she is a great friend to everyone, well......maby not EVerYonE. She is patient, her level at school is better than mine which means she is really intelligent. She has got eyes as green as a green leave. Oh and by the way she calls me "chickenpie", NOW how sweet is that !!!!!

Alexandre !
alexandre is a scottish nerd!the coolest nerd you will ever meet !He has got red hair and blue eyes , he can be calm and serious or crazy and alive!
born from a scottish mother and an italian father, alexandre has high hopes on becoming a lawyer. Appreciated by some hated by lots, alexandre can be a great friend but also a worst enemy !
to sum it up alexandre is a boy so much different from the others in a good way or a bad way!

I'm gona talk about the greatest man in the whole universe. He looks like a sheep with his hair and doesn't want to cut them. He thinks longer hair suits him better than short hair. He loves reading ( what a nerd :-) ) and likes to watch films. He is great friend with Oscar ( If you've read before he the guy that drinks ink and eats glue ). Oh actually his name is blassel... Luc Blassel!!!