Tuesday, December 06, 2005

on this pics: left/ ruby marie-grace alicia and lisa
right/ carla lisa elliet and aine
top/aine and lisa

Every year we organize different special days. The one we held on the 25th of November was: CRAZY HAIR DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This day is all about making your hair go wild. Some put fruits, decorations or more in their hair, it depends on your imagination. Some will dye them or some will just gel them into crazy forms.
We take pictures of these special events which go directly into our yearbook.
To tell you the truth it's sort of awkward to keep our hair like that all day.We have a lot of fun on this day though. WE ALSO HAVE THE PART WHERE WE HUMILIATE OURSELVES IN THE SUBWAY...
Thanks for your attention, and hoping you will take example on us in your own school, for your own yearbooks.
ps: doesn't it look like if lisa is on all the pictures